Notice to our Valued Customers

Please follow our Instagram Page for real time updates! Unfortunately our webpage is not maintained as regularly as we hoped. Our Instagram is where we post new arrivals more frequently, please use our webpage as a guide to what we can bring in and had!

We are currently working very hard to organize new shipments of fish. We hope to keep everyone updated as soon as we can finalize a date!

We are trying to get some new Goldfish and more Koi for pond season and small amounts of tropical fish. We did managed to get a small order of regular fin and butterfly Japanese Koi in February and April.

Unfortunately, with FedEx uncertainties we cannot fulfill door-to-door shipments at this time. Currently there are no guarantees for shipment arrival times. We will be posting an update when this changes, both on Instagram and our Website.

A big thank you to all our supporters in the past few months! You don't know how much you've helped us through this hard time as a small business!!!

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